Noor Andejani

instances. (F17)


Sonja Anderson

Night Woman (F17)


Melissa Anne

I’m scared to show you my bad side--you don’t even know it exists (S17)

Sex isn’t Love and I was Wrong (F16)

someone once said love is about appreciation, not possession but I thought I loved you (S17)



Carpe Diem (S17)



“Girl talk” (F17)



Of Satan’s Verse (S17)


Ola Baczynski

Inherited Evils (S16)

Wrongdoings (S16)


Liz Bajjalieh

Guitar strings hum from the speakers on the ceiling (F17)

Untitled (S17) 


Matt Boey

Safety in Silence (S18)


Amanda Boyer

My Diluted Mind (F16)


Phillip Bugajski

Their World is What We Made of It (F16)

Andrea Busch

Solipsism (S19)

Niamor Byas

Silence (F18)


Michael (Anthony) Cabrera

A Litany for Paper Clips (S17)

Collect my last letter, I dare you (F17)

Stephen Cecchini

Spring Breakers (S19)


Solomiya Chuyko

Smother (S17)


Nicholas Coteus

Untitled (S17) 


Lydia Craig

Sometimes, my golden headed mother (S18)


Erin Cunnea

Bitch (S17)

Carnival Flish (F18)

Old Country Buffet (F17)

Mere Mechanics (S19)

The Rebound Effect (S19)

Elizabeth Czapski

Frenchman Street (F17)


Alice Dent

This Place We Share (S16)


Gabrielle Dufrene

The Homily (F18)


Emma Engling

The Hardship of the Eight-year-old (S18)

Nearly the Same (F18)


Hannah Fogel

Rose Oil and Chrysanthemum (F18)


Amanda Friedlander

A Depressive Episode in a Railway Car (S18)

Please Put Your Hands On My Face (S18)


Nicolette Fudala

Oh, the Nerve. (S16)


Marie Hofer

Spoon Blob (S17)


Bradford Horton

Field of Flowers (F16)

The Chase (F17)


Hannah Kelley

To do: please bury this (S18)


Benjamin Kleeman

Sainthood (S18)

Isaiah Labay

Rogers Park (S19)

Millie Le

Hat Trick(s) (S19)


Mary Lutze

Spanish: as easy as 1, 2, 4, 3 (S18)


Elena McCarthy

Veneer (S18)

Sean McMillan

Self-Image(s) (S19)


Marcela Mendoza

Self-Heal (S18)


Nick Olinger

Four Edgewater Sonnets (S16)

Sydney Ortiz

Dried Roots (S19)


Sydney Osborn

Lies I Told my Mother: On The Possession of a Gun (F16)

Remnants (S17)


Kayleigh Padar

Baby Teeth (F18)


Angelica Pavone

I Wish You Had Told Me (F17)


Adrian Paz

French ‘Adios’ (S16)

Janet Perez

Sentiment #8 (S19)


Lauren Rebholz

Poem 752 (Otherwise Known as the Poet’s Last Straw) (F17)

Rootless (S18)

there is a reason and You won’t like it (F17)


Dove Rebmann

No (F18)


Christopher Romano

On Character Flaws (F18)

Travel (F17)


Mackenzie Roof

Nautical (F18)


Megan Rosta

wash rinse repeat (S18)

Hubba Bubba Bubblegum (S19)


Kyle Scheuring

Late and Ashen (F16)


Shrestha Singh

Branded (S17)


Becca Staton

And I Killed You to Save Myself: A Survivor’s Tale (S18)

If I Were Hamlet (S17)

It’s 12:19 am, And I Am Eating Mac & Cheese (F16)

late revelations (F16)

She was composed of constellations, and he wasn’t one for stargazing (S17)

Things I Want For Myself (F16)


Nick Tyndorf

a matter of when (S18)


Ricardo Viloria

Apocalypso (F18)

Sarah Vincent 

Sestina (S19)

Anna Weiss

Errands (S19)


Jenine Ybañez

Diwata (S18)

Rethinking Genesis (F17)

Untitled (F16) 

Untitled (S17) 


Keight Yuellig

wordsworthless (S16)


Katherine Ziobro

diving bell dream (S18)

Taxidermy (F17)

Diorama Room (F18)