Noor andejani


What makes you smile?


The kind where you read a warm text with typos from your friend

instantly grinning cause you know what they meant

But you're in public so you try to pretend

To be cool, but your smile wins, It's eminent.

The kind where you thank the lady at the cashier

she replies 'You're welcome, dear.'

And her tone of voice is hearty and sincere.

The kind where you joke about being sad and a friend instantly checks in,

You feel fuzzy within

Cause you realize,

they care.

Those few seconds of joy

Are a breath of fresh air

When your week has taken a downturn

Or you spent your day in the library, trying to learn

Perhaps you're exhausted, lonely, and burnt

And a flicker of kindness really wouldn't hurt.

Or perhaps I'm overreacting

Being melodramatic

But my dearest, just imagine

how much more monotonous and stern

Our days would be, if it wasn't for those smiles

For those quick, momentary overturns.