Melissa Anne

I’m scared to show you my bad side--you don’t even know it exists

someone once said love is about appreciation, not possession but I thought I loved you

Sex isn’t Love and I was Wrong

Today I learned that sex isn't making love

That twisting our bodies together

And pressing them until the goose bump hairs

we hold to our chests are touching

is not a strong enough bond

to hold us together afterwards.


Today I realized that

ejaculating in my mouth isn't love

Shoving yourself down my throat

only catches the words I never got

the chance to say to you

and makes certain I

never will.


Making love is eyes locked

legs intertwined; it is not

my face pressed into the pillows,

eyes closed imagining something else.

Making love involves body parts touching--

fingers reaching out to claw your back

and pull the rest of you closer to me.

Making love is the energy between our lips

It's only made when they come together.


Today I want to make love to you.

Today I want you to know that

I was wrong in thinking that

fucking wouldn't damage my


Today I want to find someone who

wants my lips against theirs

mouths closed

more than they want them

on their cock

Today I realized that love can be real.

That you don't need to make love

to feel it.

And I know that I'm the type to let

you go before you say goodbye

I toss them away before they

even notice I was there.

I'm tired of wondering if it is alright

for me to sleep in your bed for the night

I want someone who will ask me to.

Wide-eyed, I want someone to pull me back into bed

For a reason other than

round two.