Matt Boey

Saftey in Silence

There is safety in silence;

Entombing substance and strife in a single coffin.

Reconciliation through burial

under mountains echoing with hollow quips.

Drag them towards the molten heart for cremation

And fertilize the soul with charred sentiments.

There’s safety in silence,

To smother revolution, to abstain from outrage,

Lay down your torches, your calls for justice

Promote the preservation of tradition

Rather than the inspiration of a generation.

Embrace fear; let even brief enlightenment be snuffed

by the relentless exhale of indifference and ignorance.

There is safety in silence;

Loose lips sink relationships before they set sail

While rocking the boat only leads boats to the rocks.

Why break an ocean of mute tranquility

Because one longs to mishear a siren’s call?

Why make the storms a constant companion

For an uncertain journey to an undiscovered home?

There is freedom in silence;

Knowing that imprisonment was prudent,

A necessary preventative of wrongs or rights.

Desperate congratulation of purposeful stagnation,

Useless fodder to satisfy restless nights.

What is left but what-ifs:

The conjuring of infinitely plausible epics scenes

Locked safely in the confines of dissipating dreams.