marie hofer

Spoon Blob

“I saw her wearing them, and she looked awful.”

Today, I ate a very sad coconut yoghurt with someone who enjoyed it.

Their spoon blob jiggled gloriously

Caught colorless in the confines of chapped lips

Dancing to the breathy story of how, just yesterday

A pair of trousers was shoplifted

Grey and texture-threaded in a tempting way.


I much prefer your pants (stained from bathtub bleach)

To these pants

To the story about them

To the person telling the story

To imagining yoghurt wearing said pants

To imagining yoghurt breath-twerking in said pants

So what I’m trying to say is that I miss your pants, which I don’t even like (much), and that I want us, or a suitable restaurant establishment, to make a better breakfast than this