marcela mendoza


There’s better things to find


like the next thing in need of love.


Ama a quien no te ama, responde a quien no te llama, y andarás carrera vana.


They saw me hugging a cactus


They pulled me away, only to laugh in my face


Refusing to respond


I ran off


IT was just a prickly sprout



I learned to remember to water HIM twice a month


Te quiero mucho…Eres lo major para mi


HE wasn’t growing enough


¡Vamos tu puedes!


I tapped HIDALGO on HIS head


whenever I came home


HE responded with small increments of growth


I placed HIDALGO next to Frida


I read HIM some Sort Juana Inés de la Cruz


HE smiled with a flower


HE nurtured my self


as I cared for HIS life.

Amor con amor se paga