Rogers Park

Yeah, I know what you are saying boss

Because I also speak English And, for the past

half-year now, I’ve pushed phones Out for your

mismatched, ath-liesure wearing ass That

makes Vector’s orange pjs look fashionable.

Our coworker lays down his mat facing east, Around

dinnertime when for a couple hours, No customers stroll

in, fresh off the Howard “L” stop, To hear the script I’ve

been writing, proofing, editing To turn the money they pay

into the money I pay to my college.

A regular we nicknamed the bodybuilder Catches me up on

his family in Greece And shows me on his LG Stylo 3 a video

of him bench pressing 280 At the LA Fitness where we

sometimes set up a table–– A table where I’ve never sold a

cellphone plan.

My man at DDs across the street charges me a size

lower, Brian the Barista at Sol Cafe tells me about his

theatre, A lady at Jarvis Coin Laundry adds detergent

when I run out, The owner of Redz brings me Belizean

rice and chicken, While someone by the lakeshore decides to shoot two men.