Gabrielle Dufrene

The Homily

there was a heaviness in the preacher's words


stained cheeks,

stained glass


i wonder if he missed home

or if every person that dozed off during his sermon sent a bullet through his heart


i wanted him to see my eyes,

to see that,


i understand!



someone understands.


if you are standing on top of a stuffy altar

if you are filling out paperwork in a stuffy office

if you are selling love in a stuffy room

if you are spilling words in a stuffy cafe


i promise you,

someone understands.


and one day you will cross paths with them

in an airport

in a hospital


and their eyes will meet yours with so much compassion

it stitches your heart right back together


Father, forgive them,

they know not what they do.


they know not where you came from,

or what you had to sacrifice to get here.


Father, forgive me;

i think i understand you.