christopher romano


It was the 21st Century, with a resolve undiminished

Traveled a party on a quest never before finished

The quest was to reach an uncharted location

Onwards pressed a swoosh, an elephant, a golden arch, a vault and a donkey

Towards world domination

At a superficial village, the group's pace fell like Prancer

Due to a common man, who would not leave without answers


He confronted the swoosh first, and proceeded to say,

“What makes you better than three stripes or UA?”

The swoosh stammered, his response anything but fluid

“W-well my development is relevant even the fellow in yellow agrees,

The other two are inferior, support me, just do it,”

The man disappointedly shook his head

And decided to talk to the golden arch instead


“You claim to help kids, to put a good light on you,

But all you give them is a swollen abdomen and type 2.”

The arch was familiar with this particular accusation

And replied, “If you don’t like me, just please stay away, kid,

I’ve never forced anything on anyone, just face it.”

The man glared him in the eye and stated “That’s what I thought.”

Shook the arch off as well, and moved onto the vault


With a fiery anger, the man’s face was covered

For he found this entity more sinister than the two others

“Your business is to ruin lives with a smile-“

He was cut off by the vault who said “I violate no law,

And therefore we will never face a trial.”

The man was disgusted and said without patience

“Worldly worth is not defined by legislation.”


The elephant spoke quickly, and wasted no haste saying

“I am moral to death, protect life, all while praying.”

The man was not impressed and fired back with distress

“Your wooden T is not a pass to walk on those you perceive as less,

You shun change like disease, for that, you I detest.”

The elephant boiled with rage and roared with anger unsurpassed

The man shoved him aside and confronted the ass


The man encountered the donkey to make his demands

“You currently reign the land, and you let it get out of hand.

Changes you promised, you clearly did tell

A nation of people boldface lies just to falsely empower yourself

How can you trap us all inside this living hell?”

The donkey flashed a smile, half savior, half menace

And with words cold as ice he replied “Because you let us.”

On Character Flaws

Few sights can conjure

Such anxiety and dread

As the wind peeling back the edge of a leaf

You have but just turned over.


I’ve always been one to fight the feeling

My leaf is secured to the ground

With adhesives

But my flaws are not chlorophyll on an oak leaf

Rather they are sharpie on loose leaf

Through backwards margin bleeds the ugliest qualities.


Like a bad tattoo

All my flaws leave to appreciate

Is a dull nostalgic warmth

Accessible through memories of the era

When my mistakes were amusing

And caused negligible damage.



I helplessly watch myself err

I search for excuses in the DSM-5

I search for pride in reality television

I find that if given the option,

I would decline to read my own biography.


Well, maybe I would leaf through it.