becca staton

And I Killed You to Save Myself

                              -A Survivor's Tale

If I Were Hamlet

To shank

Or not to shank?

That is the question

When it comes to you.


How did you find yourself here

Under my skin

When you were provided no invitation,

No encouraging word or glance?


It’s a game of cat and mouse

In which we cannot decide

Who plays the role of cat.


Well if it suits you,

Good sir,

Screw you and your antics.


I’m the cat now.


And in a realm of perpetual indecision

Like Hamlet’s,

I am the brave fool who finally,

And unapologetically,

Smites thee thus.

It’s 12:19 am, And I Am Eating Mac & Cheese

late revelations

so i guess this whole thing has me

crawling under covers

trying to find where You went

so i could follow You there,

maybe be with Your scent.


but i’m not crazy.


i’m not out of my mind,

only out with my mind

dancing in the memory of You.

She was composed of constellations, and he wasn’t one for stargazing

“Look up,” she coaxed,

“I exist in the realm of incandescent light.

Find me in the gaps between heaven and earth

And you will never again doubt

Your gravity.”


But he was afraid of the dark places

In which she shined.

It wasn’t until the clouds came to stay

That he realized how much he truly admired

Her unquenchable fires.


Now he watches her nebulae

Bursting and booming hot and bright

In their eternal ecstasies,

Remembering a time when he too

Was the cause of such light.

Things I Want For Myself