DIMINUENDO Literary and Arts Magazine is a student-run, student led, and student submitted publication serving the Loyola University Chicago community since 1997. Its sister magazine CADENCE has been on campus since 1952. We are the only school sanctioned venue for students to present their poetry, visual art, short stories, prose, photography, and tertiary media outside of the English Department and art classes.


Our magazine is printed and distributed for free on multiple campus locations and all accepted submissions are selected with a democratic voting system by our editorial staff. We host weekly meetings to review submissions and welcome any Loyola student to attend. We also host release events for our published magazines in the form of a poetry reading and catered dinner, where we work with one academia or arts-related charity and invite students, professors, and community members to share their creative spark.


The goal of DIMINUENDO is to compile the most up-to-date and interesting visual art, prose, poetry, digital arts, and fiction on a quarterly basis and to give students interested in publishing the opportunity to work on a magazine. We hope to cultivate a love for the literary and visual arts so as to continue their presence and appreciation on campus. We strive to facilitate an affirming and welcoming environment that celebrates the creative work of Loyola’s students.